Why Discipline Is So Important

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Are you really want to get success in your life? If you are a disciplined person it’s good but if you are not disciplined, then it is very big misunderstanding that you will get success without it. If you will try to get success in this condition, really it will all waste till then you will not be disciplined. Thus it is very important to be disciplined to be a successful person. To get this attribute in your life you must know that how can a person be a disciplined person and how could you realize it in your daily life.

Yes today I will discuss about the importance of discipline in our life and ways to get a disciplined life and to be a disciplined person. I will also discuss that how I can realize that we are disciplined or not. This blog also contains the topic of self-realization, which will help you to find out the abnormalities in our life and improving them.

Now let’s know the meaning of discipline and definition of discipline. In the simple words, Discipline is only self-control. An attribute, which helps us to control ourselves, our emotions, desires, needs etc. In Other words, to control our feelings, emotions, desires, wants is called to be discipline. If you can control yourself and you prevent yourself by doing wrong things then It can be say that you are disciplined.

Discipline is also another thing except to control our emotions, feelings, desires. Yes Discipline is also called to control our body parts simultaneously. It is depend on discipline that in which manner you are moving hand, what is your sitting position, is it proper, in which manner you are walking, you are talking, you are eating etc. these all things depend on your discipline. So now it can be say that Discipline is very wide topic and can be found everywhere in everyone’s life.

Let’s have a look on a scene, Imagine you are studying right now. After studying few minutes your phone rings, Yes you are waiting for that phone call. Quickly you receive it and as soon as phone disconnects you are started to go to there in hurry, where caller instructed. Because of hurry, when you are wearing your sleepers you wasted your four attempts. You could not get wear sleepers in first four attempts. This all was due to indiscipline. There you had not discipline means you had not control on your body parts. That time your legs are not obeying your order to get sleepers wear.

Yes, that time your legs are under order of caller, who instructed to get outside hurry, that is indiscipline. That’s all had done due to indiscipline. This is not only example of indiscipline there are many other examples of indiscipline in our daily life. We can see daily this type of indiscipline in our life like falling of coffee, falling ink on an important page, falling down after stuck in a wire, touch a mug of very hot milk unknowingly, be failed in exam due to irregular study, failed in competition due to overconfidence, yes these all are indiscipline. Reason of all these irregularities are indiscipline. Sometime we could not control our emotions, some other time we could not control our desires and many time we could not control our body parts.

So that, Let’s have an oath that we will keep discipline strictly on ourselves, our body parts, our feelings, our desires, our emotions and prevent ourselves doing wrong thing and we will destroy everything include indiscipline, which will come in front of me on the way of success.

Note: This story was written way back in 2015, I just made it available on medium. It has some grammatical errors, please avoid. I could fix but I didn’t because this is one of my first story and I wanted to keep it that way for the sake of old memories.



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