Should You Be Mad?

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I have usually seen people poking and teasing the other one by saying, “Are you mad?”, “Hey mad.”, “You are mad.”, “You are completely mad.” May be you have initially think that why I am telling such stupid things on my today’s blog post. But first let me expand the topic. Actually, in my view everyone is mad in their own respective, in their respective work, in their respective tasks, in their respective desires, in their respective needs, in their respective compulsions, in their respective habits, in their respective interests, and in their respective hobbies etc.

First of all the question arises that “What is Madness?” Actually madness is such a situation in which one acts abnormally by any measure. Here abnormal refers to less than normal, more than normal, worse than normal or better than normal. Actually Mad people are also of two types, one who lives in hospitals and the other ones who lives in society. Here I am not discussing the mad people who lives in hospitals, we are discussing the mad people who lives in the society. Now I should ask a question, “Is it possible to achieve things with normal effort in today’s competitive world?” off course the answer is “No”. If someone do his work normally like all then definitely he may lose their target. In the today’s competitive and fast moving society, it is necessary to think and do work abnormally.

Let’s have an example of a businessperson. Normally for a person working hours are and also should be 10 to 5 as usual. But… For a Businessman/Businesswoman It might not be possible to arrange all their meetings, presentations, seminars, conferences, interviews etc. within that 7 hour time. So off course they should do over time. They should meet people of business importance in their off hours and even on off days. That’s why he is the CEO of the company, not the employee of the one. So he is working abnormally for his company, for his post, for the salary and for the sake of his family, his needs, his desires, his compulsions etc. Otherwise he does not deserve all these things. In other words he is mad to get all those things because according to the definition acting abnormal is the madness, also he should be. But think once whether it is good to tell him mad. In my opinion “No”.

Let’s have another example of a teacher, whose working hours are 8 to 2 and sometimes 10 to 4. So normally they should do work in only those 6 hours. But… Yes, you are thinking right. They should do overtime necessarily, if they wanted to be a well-known, successful, loving teacher, or want to be promoted as principal or want increment in their salary, they should.

For example, May be sometimes they are unable to complete the correction of copies of the students within school time, So they bring them to home for correction work and started to work even in their off hours that is abnormal work but also necessary. Just think “Which student want his test copy back after final exams?” Ha! Ha! seems funny! Of course “no one”. That’s why they should do overtime to fulfil the requirement of their profession. May be someone interfere in their work saying, “Hey! Are you mad? Why are you doing your school work at home? These are your off hours. Enjoy!” Correct?

Besides them there are uncountable examples of the things like that. Here I can’t explain all in this limited time and limited space. I think these examples are enough to justify my view. It is really necessary to be mad to achieve success and fulfil the requirement of your field that may be business, office, school, study, sports and many more. We should act abnormally to gain things normally in today’s fast moving competitive society and I already said that madness is just acting abnormally and nothing more.

As far as I know, No one would like to be called “mad” by someone. It really sounds irritating. May be, listeners not protest but it does not mean that they like to listen “mad” for them. If you are also just a little bit conscious and sincere then definitely you will also don’t like it.

Note: This story was written way back in 2015, I just made it available on medium. It has some grammatical errors, please avoid. I could fix but I didn’t because this is one of my first story and I wanted to keep it that way for the sake of old memories.



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