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Our life is full of differences, If here is darkness then there is brightness. If anywhere is light and then somewhere is dark, If anywhere is happiness then somewhere is sorrow or sadness. Everyone’s life faces both the light and the dark. Till when light stays near us, we lives happy and when dark comes to us then……? We starts weeping, we starts crying, we become tensed, we become depress, and then we lose all the hopes to get light again. Today, I will discuss the theory which helps us to be stable during dark and light.

Let us today we all are happy, laughing and talking cheerily each other because we live now a small part of life which is full of brightness, therefore we are happy today. But just think that dark moment of your life when you hear any bad news about any failure or anyone’s death or failure in your examination or loss of your job or loss in your business or get your suspension order or any other thing got your life which hurts you then what would you do.

I think you will go in depress for some time or you will be angry for some time, you will think about your future which was full of darkness, you will be hopeless but none of us will see our near past which was full of brightness, which can give you happiness, which can give you hope, which can give you a smile on your face and nothing is matter that how much time this smile will stay on your face but for such moments definitely. But behind these such moments, there is a hided fact, about which I am going to say further.

Dear Readers! Darkness can go and stay only and only there, where brightness stayed at past. Brightness cannot go there, where already it exists and darkness cannot go there, where it already exists. In simple you can feel sad only and only if you had felt happiness in past, also you can feel happiness only and only if you had felt sorrow in past. You can fail only and only if you had passed before therefore without getting success you can’t get failure.

In the view of students, only and only those students can get failure in his examination who had passed to get admission there and only those students can failed to get admission who had passed previous examination. This is an endless chain which can satisfy every event of failure and success, love and hate and happy and sad. Any person only and only can feel love, who had experience of hate and only those person can feel hurt who had felt love with any one in past.

The main point of this theory is that any failure or darkness came only after success or brightness. Then in the time of sadness we have to see our previous happy moments which will help us to stay out from depression, hopelessness and any other state of non-comfort. By using this vision you can feel happiness even during the moments of darkness. This vision makes you more confident, more powerful mentally and physically and also makes your life full of brightness and removes the darkness from your life permanently, because this vision will teach you that darkness in your life will not stay for a long time and you had got moments of happiness before this and also will get after this.

So please, be positive and make your life more powerful, more confident, more hopefully and remember, darkness comes only there, where light exists. It comes to you because you had light and by thinking about which light, you can pass this time of darkness happily because it exist only for a short time.

Note: This story was written way back in 2015, I just made it available on medium. It has some grammatical errors, please avoid. I could fix but I didn’t because this is one of my first story and I wanted to keep it that way for the sake of old memories.



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